The exhibitors at our VIRTUAL Trade Show will be able to help you find the products and services you need to help you and your business succeed. They will be virtually in-person while the Trade Room Floor is open, with access to see their various products and services. You will also be able to ask them any questions through the conference portal. The following are those who have on board for our 2020 conference! More are on the way. Watch this page for updates.

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Business Insurers of the Carolinas specializes in property and casualty insurance for the Pet Care Industry, including Pet Boarding/Daycare facilities, Pet Sitters/Dog Walkers, Pet Trainers, Pet Groomers, Pet Food/Treats and Pet Products. We offer commercial property, commercial auto, general and professional liability, employment practices liability, bonding, workers compensation and umbrellas designed to fit your individual business needs. Please come see us at the conference to learn more, or give us a call at 1-800-962-4611.

Chosen Payments is the most trusted credit card processor in the industry. We participate in all pet care industry events and have an understanding of the needs of pet care providers. Chosen Payments is dedicated to providing the lowest cost, fastest funding solutions. We determine help improve cash flow while increasing profitability. We provide check guarantee services.

The Dog Gurus are the world’s premier pet care business advisors. As 7-figure pet business owners ourselves, we understand the demands of the pet care business industry first-hand. We’ve walked in your shoes, faced your hurdles, and have discovered the strategies and tools necessary to make profiting in the pet care business a walk in the park.

Learn what a successful dog training program looks like and how to implement it into your business. The Dog Guys will help you successfully introduce dog training to your business or improve upon what is already there. This complete approach to dog training has been successfully implemented at pet care facilities around the country. We can leverage your existing staff and the program is easy to sustain. No more searching for the right dog trainer or paying high commission rates. Our services include: training solutions to address the most common problems pet parents face, a week of hands on learning and instruction, client ready materials and efficient processes, coaching calls, KPI’s and ways to measure success, and more!

Doxieworks LLC works with pet care business owners who are ready to apply proven technologies that will help them:

• Keep and grow their loyal customer base via the dynamic custom mobile app.
• Acquire new customers with a unique geotargeted display advertising strategy to reach 100% the right people in the right location with the right ad message.
• Nurture business leads through automation combined with high touch communications.
• Secure business online visibility using the latest techniques to win the battle for internet rank-ability and find-ability.

FetchFind is on a mission to make pet care better, safer, and smarter. We provide online, on-demand staff training and engagement, as well as digital marketing and other business solutions, to pet care service and pet-friendly companies around the globe. Our best-in-class learning management system helps pet businesses of all sizes train and engage their team, create a stable workforce, increase customer satisfaction, and mitigate risk.

Gingr is the world’s #1 pet business software preferred by boarding, dog daycare and grooming businesses. Easiest to use, yet also the most robust, Gingr provides the most reliability, speed and functionality of any pet care software. Gingr saves you time and money, and helps you retain customers and staff. Pet care software is all we do – our job is to help you Do More Of What You Love. Visit our booth for free demos, and ask about trade-show specials.

Health Technology Professional Products is the leader in Animal Care Cleaning Solutions for your Pet Boarding and Daycare facility maintenance needs. Our Consultants share our full line of OSHA Compliant products and equipment that are specifically designed for the Animal Care industry to help you save time and money.

K9Grass® by ForeverLawn® is the synthetic grass designed specifically for dogs! The smart solution for dog kennels, boarding and pet resort facilities, vet clinics, and of course, pet owners, K9Grass synthetic grass offers several key features: • Knitted backing provides for instantaneous drainage. • An antimicrobial agent is built into the blades to help create a safer, cleaner environment for pets. • The strength and density of K9Grass synthetic grass provide high quality, long-lasting surface that won’t turn to mud like natural grass areas. • The dense construction provides a completely cleanable surface, as no infill material is required. These unique properties make K9Grass the choice of leading-edge boarding facilities across the country. “With the added durability, safety, and cleanliness, K9Grass is in a class by itself,” said Walt Morris of Morris Animal Inn in Morristown, NJ. “The improved customer satisfaction and lower maintenance and grooming costs also make it a smart business decision.” Clean, safe, beautiful, and easy to maintain—K9Grass is everything you want and need from a pet surfacing product! Also available in mats sized 2’x3′, 3’x 5′, and 5’x 7′.

King Wholesale is a family-owned and operated national distributor. They carry over 150 brands and over 7,000 skus which they have in stock at their warehouse in Northern California. King Wholesale offers a consistent line of quality brand name products at reasonable prices while supplementing its product mix with many exciting, limited availability of closeout items. With free shipping on 98% of the items for $200, it’s a great one-stop-shop!

Healthier Pets Create Stronger Bonds –– This is WHY we founded our company, and love what we do every day.

We also believe that pets are family, pets are kin. We named our company Kinn, with an extra “n” to constantly remind us to nurture the relationships we have with our pets. This is WHO we are.

Our tagline “nurture by design” describes HOW we do what we do. WHAT we do is design and market innovative products that solve significant problems in pet care. Kinn’s VALUES are innovation, sustainability, and trust.

Kuranda Beds are the #1 dog bed choice of pet care professionals for many reasons:

  • Kuranda Beds are easy to clean and disinfect, minimizing your facility’s exposure to transmittable diseases
  • Kuranda Beds use a patented, chew proof design that we guarantee with a 1 year warranty
  • Kuranda Beds’ elevated design eliminates pressure points on dogs’ joints by lifting them up off the ground and evenly distributing their weight. Dogs feel better when they sleep on Kuranda Beds.

We offer discounted pricing and a referral program to pet care professionals.

Lenderking Caging Products has been protecting pets for over 150 years. We manufacturer a complete line of high quality and innovative animal housing for veterinary practices. Our enclosures promote animal welfare, comfort and are easy to use and sanitize. Our Comfort Cages are “thermoneutral”, meaning that the animal will never rest on a cold metal surface. The seamless Comfort Cages have no crevices or joints to harbor harmful bacteria that cause odors and spread disease. Our 150 years of design experience means we enhance both the animal and caretakers experience.

Simply put, nobody has worked with more pet care professionals on the web than us! Dating back more than a decade, our relationships with associations like PCSA, ABKA and now IBPSA have enabled us to see how the industry has grown and your clients’ expectations have changed. Whether you own a boarding and daycare facility, or provide in-home pet care, our team understands the industry firsthand and is excited to work with you on your Web Marketing! Your clients trust you with their loved ones. You can trust us with your online marketing.

Founded by Henry Mason in 1892, Mason Company has sold and installed more kennel systems than anyone else in the world, earning the reputation for providing the finest animal enclosures on the market. Systems designed and manufactured for the veterinary, boarding and shelter markets, or any application where animals need to be enclosed securely, humanely and under demanding conditions.
Whether opening a new facility, remodeling, or simply looking to add to enhance your services, Mason representatives can fulfill your requirements and are here to help.

All Mason products are manufactured in the U.S. and can be found worldwide.

NVA has more than 900 partnerships across The US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Our veterinarians provide a full range of medical and surgical services, while our passionate pet resort leaders embody NVA’s entrepreneurial spirit in assisting pet parents with ongoing care. Our mission is to improve the comfort and well-being of pets by providing progressive and compassionate care and continue to grow as a community, unified by the love of animals and the people who love them.

Logo for Ogena Solutions
Ogena Solutions is dedicated to providing complete, effective environmentally friendly bio-security solutions, equipment and protocols as well as patented animal bathing systems. We currently operate in the animal health sector including shelters, veterinary, pet boarding and daycare, food animal and general farm applications. Bio-security, green technologies and leading edge bathing systems are central to the company’s product focus. Besides being the Exclusive Master Distributor for Virox Technologies Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide disinfectant products in the Canadian Health Sector, Ogena’s own equipment products and matching usage protocols are respected as being the best and most effective products available in animal health today.

Pacific Western Bank Small Business Lending delivers a one-stop financing solution for established and new veterinarians who are looking to purchase, refinance, or construct a practice.

Pacific Western Bank is a commercial bank with over $26 billion in assets, and 76 branches primarily located in California, with one in Denver, Colorado and another in Durham, North Carolina. We provide comprehensive community banking, national lending and venture banking services and solutions

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PermaTek Coatings provides functional, safe, low maintenance flooring and wall solutions perfect for both large and small animals. We enable the animal care industry to achieve the desired look, functionality and return on investment. We know preparation is key to obtaining clean, durable and attractive floor and wall solutions. To ensure the safety of both animals and staff, we provide seamless and chemical resistant solutions that provide a low maintenance, bacteria free environment while minimizing any mold and mildew issues. Our team has decades of experience preserving enhancing and protecting millions of square feet of our customers investments.

Owned exclusively by founders Paula Mosteller and Paul Naro, PetExec is the world’s leading tool for petcare businesses. From the start, our vision is to be a web development company run and managed by web development professionals not investors or outside venture capitalists.

We never skimp on technical support or development for our valuable Packmate customers. All development and technical support is done by our employees in the United States.

With PetReserve, you and your customers can make and manage reservations online. You can validate vaccination records, track charges and take payments, and understand how your business is doing. PetReserve works over the web, on any device, with nothing to install and no computers or software to manage.

The Professional Animal Care Certification Council (PACCC) is a 501(c)(6) non-profit created by a team of industry experts to recognize high quality providers and help them meet the challenge of educating pet parents on the value of a pet care provider’s investment in education and training. Independent certification, using testing from industry developed standards, clearly identifies the premier professional animal care providers in our industry. Both providers and pet parents benefit from the implicit distinctions a reputable and objective third party certification provides. PACCC awards three levels of certification to recognize the expansive knowledge required and basic career levels in the industry: Certified Professional Animal Care Provider (CPACP), Certified Professional Animal Care Manger (CPACM), and Certified Professional Animal Care Operator (CPACO).

For the past 20 years we have been manufacturing and selling the highest quality PlayGround equipment for Dogs on the market. Our equipment is easy to clean, fun to rearrange, great for enrichment, and sure to last you for many, many years to come!

SMT specializes in central pressure washer systems that enable operators to clean from multiple remote stations, located conveniently throughout their facilities. Wall mounted and portable systems are featured meeting specific needs and building scenarios. We provide high quality pressure washers to Food Service, Quick Serve Restaurants, Convenience Store/Gas Stations and Animal Care.

Virox Animal Health takes a Deliberately Different™ approach to biosecurity and infection prevention, with our revolutionary chemical disinfection technology combined with in-use protocols to optimize effectiveness. We are a proud sponsor of Fear Free, and committed to innovating, developing and improving peroxide based, environmentally sustainable cleaners and disinfectants for the companion animal health market.