Founder, PetAirapy

It can happen in a moment. One cough, one sneeze from an infected pet and your business – and life – can be turned upside down. Your facility may be immaculate, with smart vaccination protocols, but airborne infections, such as dog flu, require more than surface cleaning and vaccines. This session tackles the science of airborne pathogens, the health impact on pets AND staff, and how sanitizing the air is key to infectious disease prevention and control.



Annette Uda is the founder of PetAirapy, the animal care industry’s leading manufacturer of UV AIR and SURFACE sanitation equipment celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2018. Annette has a passion for animal health and educating pet care providers on reliable, non-toxic ways to create clean, healthy facility environments that are protected from airborne pathogens and infectious disease. She is an entertaining and experienced public speaker whose speaking style combines data-driven scientific expertise with real-world relatability.