President, PetAirapy

“Lessons Learned and the New Normal”
Thursday, October 1, 2020

Getting people hyped to learn about infection control can be challenging. Annette knows, she’s worked in infection control for the animal care industry for over a decade. As an educator on the subject, she’s written articles for trade publications and presented at conferences. While it’s her passion, as those on the receiving end of her vigorous texts and emails about infectious diseases can confirm, she also understands that when someone is presented with the option of attending an educational course on increasing revenue versus one on infection control, the former probably wins. But what if revenue is inextricably linked to infection control? The economic impact of the last several months would indicate that certainly may be the case. From global economies, to local revenues, to your animal care facility’s bottom line, the spread of infectious disease can have a profoundly painful financial impact. Are you ready for the next outbreak? Join Annette for lessons learned over the past several months and how to make sure your business is ready to survive and thrive in the new normal.


Annette Uda is the founder of PetAirapy, the animal care industry’s leading manufacturer of UV AIR and SURFACE sanitation equipment celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2018. Annette has a passion for animal health and educating pet care providers on reliable, non-toxic ways to create clean, healthy facility environments that are protected from airborne pathogens and infectious disease. She is an entertaining and experienced public speaker whose speaking style combines data-driven scientific expertise with real-world relatability.