Canine Emotional Officer (CEO), MaryMac’s Doggie Retreat

Courtney D. McWilliams specializes in boarding dogs that have anxiety or depression. As a children and family social worker, she understood how anxiety played a huge role in the lives of children; she found this to be true with dogs too. She combined her years of training as a social worker with her passion for dogs to make traveling fun again by focusing on reducing the dogs anxiety.



Courtney D. McWilliams founded MaryMac’s Doggie Retreat, New Orleans’ first premier dog care facility specializing in reducing anxiety and depression, in 2015 to fill a need she found while trying to find pet care for her dog who suffered from severe separation anxiety. The facility was a culmination of her years of experience as a social worker and her love for dogs. In addition to bringing trusted care to pet parents with stressed, anxious, or depressed pets, Courtney continues to push the boundaries when it comes to engaging her customers and an audience. She speaks to women worldwide about the powers of networking and growing their business, and has been featured in New Orleans Magazine, Biz New Orleans, Southern Jewish Life, Her Grit Magazine, and a host of other publications.