President, US Data Mining, Inc.

Think your pet care business isn’t at risk of a cyber attack? How much of your business is online? Do you keep your clients’ contact information on your computer system? Their credit card information? Do you have online reservations? Do you have a website? Do you use email? Pet care businesses are not immune to being hacked. Could your business survive an cyber attack? Another one? If you’ve been hit once, the likelihood of being attacked again increases.



Dan Talbott joined US Data Mining to deliver the next generation enterprise analytics platform for occupational safety, risk management and loss control systems, OSP. He brings years of operational experience managing large manufacturing relationships working to develop new business intelligence incorporated with the OSP occupational safety platform. As President of US Data Mining, Dan is responsible for delivery of OSP from a high performance cloud solution that provides best in class security, technical support, customer service, implementation services and training. Previously, he has worked as an executive with some of the world’s top technology companies, including HP, IBM, and EDS, and, currently, is active in cyber security as a board member of the Cyber Future Foundation and Cyber Defense Alliance, among other security-focused organizations.