General Manager, ABC Pet Resort & Spa

“Tough Calls: Handling Pet Health Concerns in Well Pet Care”
Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Join us for an interactive case study of three tough calls made at ABC Pet Resort & Spa. We will navigate through branching scenarios for each case and follow-up with the tried-and-true system used at ABC for each scenario. Then, we will move theory to practice by using ABC’s three-step system to collectively discuss strategies to handle the tough calls that many of our IBPSA audience members have probably dreaded and even feared.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Document and track key health indicators
  • Create systems to identify and initiate action
  • Convert potentially negative scenarios into positive interactions


Jennifer is the General Manager for ABC Pet Resort & Spa, a multi-service pet care center located in North Houston. Jennifer earned her BS in Agricultural Science at Colorado State University and is a Certified Professional Animal Care Operator (CPACO). She has years of experience in both small and large animal facility management and is accomplished at leading large teams of 30+ employees.