Sanitation Consultant, Health Technology Professional Products Inc.

“How to Achieve Surface Cleaning & Disinfecting”
Thursday, October 1, 2020

This Class has been created specifically for pet care professionals and brings real-world solutions about cleaning & disinfecting your Pet Care facility.  One of the highlights of this class will discuss the difference between: cleaning & disinfecting, and how both of these processes work together for good infection control.  You will get detailed information on how cleaning products work and why certain surfaces can only be cleaned & sanitized, but not disinfected.  We will also show you a proven approach to creating successful daily cleaning protocols for any type facility.  Our goal is to leave you with tested and proven best practices for the sanitation of your business, and a clear game plan on how to protect the health of the animals & staff in your care.


Mel Forbes is a Sanitation Consultant for Health Technology Professional Products Inc. Teaching a simplified approach to sanitation in animal care facilities has been the hallmark of his 15 year career. Working closely with owners and staff to identify areas that are major concerns and implementing the HT Products leading brand of cleaners and equipment, Mel is able to create an OSHA compliant, cost effective, approach to everyday cleaning.