Sanitation Consultant, Health Technology Professional Products Inc.

From dizziness to dog flu, asthma to allergies, the potential health effects caused by the physical space where you conduct your pet care business can ultimately impact the financial health of your business. A “sick” building can spread outbreaks of upper respiratory infections that can lead to sick animals, temporary closures, and long-term damage to your reputation. It can also negatively impact staff health and performance, from absenteeism to cognitive impairment. And all of that hits your financial bottom line.



Mel Forbes is a Sanitation Consultant for Health Technology Professional Products Inc. Teaching a simplified approach to sanitation in animal care facilities has been the hallmark of his 15 year career. Working closely with owners and staff to identify areas that are major concerns and implementing the HT Products leading brand of cleaners and equipment, Mel is able to create an OSHA compliant, cost effective, approach to everyday cleaning.