“Creating a Feasibility Study and Business Plan In Order to Obtain Financing for your Pet Care Facility”
Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Business Owners face many challenges when creating, expanding, or purchasing a pet care facility. Although the business plan is one of the most well-known documents needed to obtain financing, the feasibility study may be just as important. A feasibility study provides the quantitative documentation that the business venture has been thoroughly investigated. The feasibility study and the business plan should be written after conducing thorough research and critical thinking, and conveyed in formats that others can understand. Both documents can then be used to convince investors or banks that investing in your facility is a wise choice. This presentation will explore the two documents through examples targeted to pet care facility owners.


Nancy has been an SBA Lender for the past 20 years – focusing on the pet care industry.  Like many of you, this is not Nancy’s first career.  Before becoming a banker, she was a Marine Biologist focusing on habitat restoration on the Texas Gulf Coast.  She was a dog person, but has evolved into a cat person.  She lives in Houston, Texas with her Siamese cat – Fofe.