2017 Sessions

We are excited to present the following sessions for our Fifth Annual IBPSA Pet Care Services Educational Conference. Follow the links, below, for session descriptions and speaker bios. For schedule, click here.

Note: For information on our Pre-Conference Workshops, click here.

State of the Industry
Presented by Carmen Rustenbeck


KEYNOTE: Innovate and Engage New Solutions for Growing Your Sales
Presented by Dr. Rick Goodman

Discover an Easy Tool that Reduces Staff Drama and Improves Productivity
Presented by Susan Briggs

Cyber Attacks – The Good, The Bad, and Nothing In Between
Presented by Rick G. Barlow


Are You Safety Savvy? You Might Not Know What You Think You Know (and Stump Your Toe)
Presented by Ben Day

Mission Possible: Operating Your Business
Presented by Jess Okon, CPACP

Your Moment! Design, Achieve, Sustain
Presented by John Sturgess


Implementing Daycare 2.0: A Win for the Dogs, Your Team & Your Profits
Presented by Robin Bennett with Susan Briggs

Intuitive Healing for Pets and Pet Care Professionals
Presented by Stacy Jessen

Assessments: Are They a Pass, a Fail, or a Useful Learning Tool?
Presented by Teena Patel, LLA CPDT


Planning for Your Pet’s Future: What To Do If Something Happens To You
Presented by Peggy Hoyt

The Customer Journey: Looking at Your Business Through Your Customer’s Eyes
Presented by Jeremy Lowe


Keep Your Eye on the Ball…How to Stay Focused in a World Full of Distractions
Presented by Gila Kurtz

Life Outside the Litterbox, 2.0
Presented by Thom Somes


3 Web Marketing Secrets to Huge Success and a More Profitable 2018
Presented by Doug Schatz with Mike Civetti

Confessions from an Online Marketer: Learn the Secrets of the Big Dogs to Grow Your Pet Care Business
Presented by Tory Smith

Video Marketing Campaigns
Presented by Jody Underhill


Ask the Experts: Construction and Improvements
Presented by Greg Taylor