We are excited to present the following sessions for our Eighth Annual IBPSA Pet Care Services Educational Conference. Follow the links for session descriptions and speaker bios as we get them.
Speakers and Sessions will continue to be updated.

2020 CONFERENCE SESSIONS – updated August 6, 2020

It’s Game Time! Leadership Lessons from a Former Pro Football Player
Opening Keynote Address
Jan Spence

Lessons Learned and the New Normal
Annette Uda

Surviving COVID-19-Best Practices for Navigating Uncertain Times
Blll & Amy Hillis

Common HR Pitfalls: How to Avoid Fines and Lawsuits
Brandon Hess

Pet Care Service Provider Wellness
Brandon Hess

Striving for Excellence in the Pet Care Services Industry
Charlotte Biggs

Value of Add-on Services to Your Pet Care Business
Charlotte Biggs

A Recipe for Success from Pioneers in Pet Care
Courtney & Bart Emken

Want to be #1? Be Unique!
Daniel Spangler

Developing an Exit Strategy
Devika Christie

Web Marketing 101: Simple Keys to Unlocking Maximum Profitability
Doug Schatz

The Time is NOW – Protecting your Facility from Dog Flu (and other infections)
Dr. Jason Stull

Roundtable Discussion: Adapting Your Business in Uncertain Times
Jamie Damato Migdal

Lost Pet Protocol and Prevention
Jennifer Van Garderen

Tough Calls: Handling Pet Health Concerns in Well Pet Care
Jennifer Wolf-Pierson

Positive Reinforcement: It’s for People Too
Jess Okon

Grooming 101 – Part 1; People Potential
Grooming 101 – Part 2; Profit Potential
Joe Zuccarello

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Closing Keynote Address

Dr. Kory Knott

Facts & Fiction About Pet Resort Social Media Use Across North America
Mark Sherman

Business Plan & Feasability Study for your Pet Care Business
Nancy Webb

Protect Your Brand, Expand Your Business
Shahrina Anki-Krol, Esq

Employee Development & Succession Planning
Stephanie Shipley

Franchise vs Startup
Steven Parker

5 Keys to Unlocking Your Leadership Potential – The Magic of Leadership
Summer Jelinek

Mitigating FAS Level in Daycare & Boarding
Tabitha Davis

What Pet Care Operators Think
Tara Crouse

Training New Hires to Succeed
Teena Patel

Let’s Walk! The Keys to a Successful Dog Walking Business – Part 1
Let’s Walk! The Keys to a Successful Dog Walking Business – Part 2
Veronica Buetelle



+ more sessions to be added in the coming days!