We are excited to make available the following sessions held at our Eighth Annual IBPSA Pet Care Services Educational Conference through our Education On Demand. Click a session or name for session descriptions and speaker bios.


It’s Game Time! Leadership Lessons from a Former Pro Football Player
Opening Keynote Address
Jan Spence

Lessons Learned and the New Normal
Annette Uda

Surviving COVID-19-Best Practices for Navigating Uncertain Times
Blll & Amy Hillis

Common HR Pitfalls: How to Avoid Fines and Lawsuits
Brandon Hess

Pet Care Service Provider Wellness
Brandon Hess

Striving for Excellence in the Pet Care Services Industry
Charlotte Biggs

Value of Add-on Services to Your Pet Care Business
Charlotte Biggs

A Recipe for Success from Pioneers in Pet Care
Courtney & Bart Emken

Want to be #1? Be Unique!
Daniel Spangler

Developing an Exit Strategy
Devika Christie

Web Marketing 101: Simple Keys to Unlocking Maximum Profitability
Doug Schatz

The Time is NOW – Protecting your Facility from Dog Flu (and other infections)
Dr. Jason Stull

Roundtable Discussion: Adapting Your Business in Uncertain Times
Jamie Damato Migdal

Lost Pet Protocol and Prevention
Jennifer Van Garderen

Tough Calls: Handling Pet Health Concerns in Well Pet Care
Jennifer Wolf-Pierson

Positive Reinforcement: It’s for People Too
Jess Okon

Grooming 101 – Part 1; People Potential
Grooming 101 – Part 2; Profit Potential
Joe Zuccarello

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Closing Keynote Address

Dr. Kory Knott

Facts & Fiction About Pet Resort Social Media Use Across North America
Mark Sherman

How to Achieve Surface Cleaning & Disinfecting
Mel Forbes

Creating a Feasibility Study and Business Plan In Order to Obtain Financing for your Pet Care Facility
Nancy Webb

Protect Your Brand, Expand Your Business
Shahrina Anki-Krol, Esq

Employee Development & Succession Planning
Stephanie Shipley

Franchise vs Startup
Steven Parker

5 Keys to Unlocking Your Leadership Potential – The Magic of Leadership
Summer Jelinek

Mitigating FAS Level in Daycare & Boarding
Tabitha Davis

What Pet Care Operators Think
Tara Crouse

Training New Hires to Succeed
Teena Patel

Let’s Walk! The Keys to a Successful Dog Walking Business – Part 1
Let’s Walk! The Keys to a Successful Dog Walking Business – Part 2
Veronica Boutelle