Attorney at Law, Owner of Ankhi-Krol Law, Founder of MeetPreneur®

“Protect Your Brand, Expand Your Business”
Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Protecting your brand is an integral part of building, maintaining, and expanding your business. While the importance of brand protection is vaguely known to most business owners, only a few invest in legally protecting their brands, whether it is the name, logo, and/or slogan of their business, goods and/or services. Attend this seminar to get a deeper appreciation and understanding of trademark and copyright law and learn the benefits of proactively utilizing intellectual property law to safeguard your brand, especially in the pet industry. There will also be a brief discussion on the importance of proper contracts to enable your business to reach the next level.


Shahrina Ankhi-Krol is the owner of Ankhi-Krol Law (, a boutique law firm in New York City, that works exclusively with entrepreneurs and small business owners in the following areas of law: business, contract, trademark, and copyright. She has a niche practice in the Pet Industry which allows her to work with pet businesses throughout the country.

Shahrina started Ankhi-Krol at the age of twenty-seven and has received numerous awards and recognitions for her dedication to the legal field. Notably, she has been elected Rising Star Super Lawyer, a recognition given to no more than 2.5% of attorneys in each state, each year – for six (6) consecutive years. She has given countless talks and presentations at business conferences, expositions, and world-renowned educational institutions, such as New York University, the Fashion Institute of Technology, and the City University of New York. She has also appeared on Fox, radio shows, and various podcasts.

Shahrina understood the importance of business networking at the early stages of her career. Throughout her journey of building Ankhi-Krol Law from scratch, she attended countless networking meetings, events, and conferences, to expand her business connections. Additionally, because her law firm works exclusively with entrepreneurs, she gained exceptional insight into the needs, wants, and concerns entrepreneurs experience in business networking situations. As an avid entrepreneur, Shahrina understands that the livelihood of entrepreneurs often depends on meaningful, accessible business networking.

Over the last few years, Shahrina Ankhi-Krol developed MeetPreneur® (, a ground-breaking location-based business networking app, to make business networking more welcoming, accessible, and efficient for everyone. MeetPreneur® connects entrepreneurs from all industries, anywhere, anytime – around the corner, at a business conference, at an airport…you get the idea! MeetPreneur® eliminates the pains of traditional business networking by providing meaningful, convenient, and inexpensive opportunities to network based on each user’s availability and location. With exciting features such as map-based viewing of nearby entrepreneurs, daily inspirational quotes, direct messaging, direct booking, special offers, and instant alerts for potential business, to name just a few, MeetPreneur® is quickly changing the way entrepreneurs network for business. MeetPreneur® is free to download and is currently available for download on Google Play (Android) and the App Store (iOS).