Founder/Owner, Paw & Order Inc.

The focus of this presentation would be to guide leaders of other establishments through the process of helping their clients and staff to understand and accept changes that are being made within their organization (e.g., moving locations, introducing new programs and services, etc.) and focusing on customer service and interactions leading up to that moments when a significant change is made to the way the business currently operates.



Stephanie, born and raised in New Brunswick, Canada, opened her own pet care facility, Paw & Order Inc., in December 2009 after having dreamed of helping, playing, and working with dogs as a career since she was a young child. After spending 20+ years working in the hospitality/hotel industry as a Director of Operations and Director of Human Resources for both Delta Hotels and Marriott Hotels, she welcomed the opportunity to switch her focus to providing exceptional pet hospitality. Stephanie started training dogs to play flyball many years ago but soon became much more interested in the specialty areas of Canine Communication and Behaviour. She is heavily involved with local dog rescue through ongoing partnerships with Dun Roamin’ Stray and Rescue, Oromocto SPCA, Transition House and Boston Terrier Rescue Canada. She also spends much of her time conducting educational workshops on dog training, dog behaviour, responsible dog ownership, and has created and presented children’s educational programs in the local school system and the 4-H Club. Stephanie initially set out to change the way that pet care is provided and viewed in her community by raising the bar and encouraging others to do the same.