Founder/Owner, Paw & Order Inc.


Stephanie opened Paw & Order Inc. in December 2009 after having dreamed of helping, playing, and working with dogs as a career since she was a young child. After spending much of her adult life in both the operations and human resource areas of the hospitality industry for Delta Hotels and Marriott International with a staff of 300+ employees, it was an easy decision to make the leap from working in the human hospitality field to providing exceptional pet hospitality. Stephanie started training dogs to play flyball many years ago but soon became much more interested in the specialty of Canine Communication and Behaviour. She is heavily involved with local dog rescue and rehabilitation for local, provincial, and national organizations. Stephanie initially set out to change the way that pet care is viewed in her own community on the east coast of Canada by raising the bar through education and certification. When not at the facility, she spends much of her time speaking to various groups ranging from kindergarten age to seniors about responsible pet ownership, canine communication, providing enrichment for family pets, and entrepreneurship as well as lobbying for tougher animal protection legislation. She is a Certified Professional Animal Care Provider and a Certified Professional Animal Care Operator through the Professional Animal Care Certification Council (PACCC) and a Certified PetTech Instructor. She is a published author, proud member of the IBPSA, and is an active member on the PACCC Board of Directors. In her spare time, she provides dog boarding and doggie daycare in-person/facility consulting services all over North America