University of Doglando, Founder

“Training New Hires to Succeed”
Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Managing and training daycare staff is time consuming and continuous. This presentation will highlight Doglando training practices that can be implemented by a variety of dog daycare models. Teena Patel will demonstrate how to ensure new staff are successfully trained and then given the ability to reinforce practices that already exist.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Designing checklists and daily reports that make following procedures easy and full proof
  • Developing an electronic training database that is comprehensive and delivers weekly automated training emails
  • Individual performance reviews that are designed to offer success for both the employee and the company


Teena Patel is the founder of University of Doglando, an enrichment center for dogs in Orlando. Patel is a Certified Dog Trainer and Behavioral Counselor and holds a BA in Psychology, where her research focused on animal behavior and cognition. Doglando was opened in 2003 and is a 6-acre outdoor campus that focuses on a day program of enrichment, as well as training in Skill Building for dogs from 8 weeks of age through seniors.