Robin Bennett, Susan Briggs, Charlotte Biggs

Puppies, tiny, and senior dogs can be a challenge to fit into your traditional dog playgroups safely, yet their numbers are growing. Join Robin Bennett, Susan Briggs, and Charlotte Biggs – The Dog Gurus – as they share curriculum, products, and safety tips to implement niche programs in your business that meet their special needs. You don’t need much space or expensive equipment to add these revenue streams. Delight your parents of puppies, tiny, and senior dogs with custom daycare activities.



Susan Briggs and Robin Bennett are co-founders of The Dog Gurus, the premier resource for dog care professionals. Through The Dog Gurus, Robin and Susan help pet care professionals get their lives back by showing them how to create sustainable businesses with teams that truly know dogs. The Dog Gurus are industry experts at helping pet businesses launch, grow and profit!

Charlotte Biggs is co-founder of the Professional Animal Care Certification Council (PACCC). Charlotte’s industry leadership combined with her real-world expertise as the original owner of Stay N Play Pet Ranch, Inc., one of the most successful, full service, all natural and holistic pet care facilities in the country, makes her a sought-after speaker and consultant. Charlotte is the past president of the board of directors for PAWS Shelter and Humane Society which serves the Central Texas community.